Independent, family-owned and international record company, KP&P works every day to valorize the musical and editorial catalog compiled by Jean Karakos throughout his multiple lives.

From a greek immigrant’s son to a turbulent figure in the music industry, via being an advocate of free jazz and psychedelic rock, an avant-garde protagonist of Hip Hop’s and experimental music New York origins, a pioneer of electronic music’s development in France and an eternal lover of the world’s melodies, he has created an unbeatable playlist in a career made of chances, instinct, masterpieces, fiascos and strokes of genius, which no algorithm could ever predict.

By the side of the artist who creates the music, there is also a craftsman working to develop the energy, to force the trend sometimes, to open up the world’s ears in a more or less brutal way.

On the artist’s side, there is also someone to advise them and address their complex concerns in an ever-changing industry.

This is who Jean Karakos has always been.

Today, led by his family and his long-time collaborators, Karakos Productions & Publishing humbly values this heritage and strives to restore links with creative artists to ensure that, regardless of its age, origin or success, their music will not be forgotten.