Comprised of Classical music made in France, French, and “Franco-Algerian” songs with incisive lyrics, the Les Disques Caractère label is a mix of the varied, multicultural, polyphonic society in which we live.

Les Disques Caractère takes its name from the late-career renaissance of the tireless Jean Karakos, who launched the label in France, in 2009, from within a pedestrian alleyway characteristic of the old discreet Parisian villages of the 18th arrondissement.

Focused on leading artists of the French indie-rock and Franco-Algerian scene called “à texte”, “eccentric” (Les Fatals Picards, La Tordue, Les Matchboxx, Baaziz), composers and/or performers of classical music from the label Grave / Musisoft, jazz, afro-jazz, a catalog of strong characters.