SonoDisc is a company and a label that was founded in the ‘70s by Marcel Perse and Michel David, who were pioneers in the distribution of world music.

Sonodisc is home to several prestigious sub labels such as Sonafric, African, Fiesta, Fonior, Disques Espérance, with diverse artists such as Papa Wemba, Cortex/Alain Mion, Jocelyne Labylle, and Miriam Makeba.

KP&P-Sonodisc today offers an “encyclopedic” catalog of world music, including the iconic representatives of Congolese rumba Franco Luambo, Papa Wemba, and Koffi Olomide, as well as zouk stars Jean-Michel Rotin, Jocelyne Labylle, Edith Lefel, Jacob Desvarieux, and Georges Decimus.
The label also features two cult albums by the French jazz-rock-funk band Cortex (Alain Mion).