Created by Jean Karakos in 1995, under the impulse of three young accomplices, Distance was one of the first independent techno labels in France and in England at the time.
With the firm intention to raise Distance to the highest rank of the French phonographic scene, both in France and abroad, the label quickly produced and licensed the greatest artists from the international techno scene (including Kings of Tomorrow, Larry Heard, and Kevin Yost).

Since 1997, using offices in London and San Francisco to find new talent, a distribution agreement with Tower Records, and an avant-garde graphic identity, the artists released by the label as well as the compilations “Distance to Goa”, “Trance Goa”, “Techno Sound Of Distance”, “My house”, have made Distance one of the leading independent techno distributors.

Distance has largely participated in the popularisation of techno-house across the planet, even if, in the ‘90s, this style was poorly regarded, unfairly associated with drugs.

Today, the Distance catalog is acknowledged as an “old-school” anthological reference by techno connoisseurs and remains a staple for international DJs.