The Lambada: a rhythm, a dance, a summer atmosphere, and the forerunner in 1989 of international summer hits. This unavoidable, exotic, catchy tune is a standard!
In the aftermath of this popular success, the band Kaoma went on to record several albums of their own cross-cultural creations.

Thanks to the arrangements created by Kaoma and members of the Senegalese group Touré Kunda, the original song Llorando se fue (a Bolivian song by the group Los Kjarkas, released in 1981) crossed borders and raised what would later be called world music to the same level as pop or rock music.

In 1989, in light of La Lambada’s popularity, the two producers of Kaoma/La Lambada, Jean Karakos and Olivier Lorsac discovered in Brazil two adorable young singer-dancers, Chico and Roberta, who launched themselves with their song Frente a frente. The public was instantly won over by these charming young teenagers, in a video clip that is as smooth and danceable as La Lambada.